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Angela Shanahan

In my kid’s own words…
Aidan (9 yrs old): RR is fun and I can’t wait until I get into advanced classes!

Alyssa (11 yrs old): I started when I was 6 or 7, and now I have my own horse and I’m in advanced classes. I have learned a lot and love spending time out there. After a couple of years I was done with my classes and am really good at riding horses because of Robinson Ranch. They have taught m…e everything!

Mom: RR got new back into the saddle after years of missing horses. They taught me and my kids and we are enjoying our time at the ranch, whether we are volunteering or riding our own, it’s a blast. It’s teaching my kids the patience, respect and responsibility that goes with horsemanship, and I hope these are lessons that help shape them into adulthood.

Angela Shanahan

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