Robinson Ranch 1231 E. Ardmore Rd Phoenix, AZ 85042

Robinson Ranch christmas pony rides

The Davis and Robinson Ranch Christmas Block Party

Robinson Ranch invites you to a Christmas Block Party

The goal of the Davis Annual Christmas Event:

1. To build a better comradeship between family, friend’s and neighbors.

2. To give each child a gift for Christmas!

Make a donation towards our Toy Drive

We wish for every child who attends to receive a gift this year. Please help us achieve this Christmas wish by bringing a toy (unwrapped) into Robinson Ranch, that is suitable for ages 3-17. If you would prefer to send us a donation, or you can donate via PayPal or Credit card or Bank account transfer .

Our address to drop off toys (please call beforehand to arrange someone be there to meet you: (602) 268 4972): 1231 E. Ardmore Rd, Phoenix, AZ85042

We also would appreciate any help with:

  • stocking stuffers
  • porta potties
  • bottles water
  • chairs and tables
  • Christmas decorations
  • entertainment
  • printing / postage / pictures / videos

The Event!

When: Saturday, 20th December 2014, 9am to 2pm.

Where: Will & Barbara Davis home at:

1501 E. Ardmore Road, Phoenix, AZ 85042

Please note: Ardmore road will be blocked off from 15th to 16th street and from Desert drive to Ardmore road.

Robinson Ranch Christmas Party 2014

  • Brunch will be serves from 9am to 10.30am
  • Pony rides will be sponsored by Robinson Ranch
  • Santa will stop by at 10.30am to listen to all children and give them a gift
  • Jumping castles and games for kids (and  for the young at heart)

How it started

The first Christmas party held by the Davis family was in December 2000, 14 years ago! It was held the Saturday before Christmas to give extended family the chance to spend Christmas day at other family events. But every year the Christmas party got bigger as friends, family and neighbors joined in. Just last year there was more than 200 participants!

Robinson Ranch christmas pony rides

Christmas charity toy drive 2014Volunteers Help

We will need need:
1. Committee Leader of 1, Staff Preferred.
2. Committee of 4 Minimum, Volunteer.
3. Marketing.
4. Advertising.
5. Instructor, Asst Instructor or Couch, To Supervise Horses and Riders.
6. Horse Handlers, 4 Minimum, Volunteers.
7. Side Walkers, 4 Minimum, Volunteers.
8. Child Watchers, 8 Minimum Volunteers for the Safety of our Kids, This is a Block Party off the Ranch!
9. RR-Booth for: Pony Ride Sign ups, Information and Flyer’s on Robinson Ranch, and collect Donations.
10. 2 Out Houses (Bathrooms or Porta Potties)
We Need Lots of Idea’s, Like:
  • Pony-Boy w/Rain Deer Antlers on doing Pony Rides.
  • Brutis w/Antlers on, Pulling his cart dress up as a Slay, doing Slay Rides
  • Music, we have a Sound System