Robinson Ranch 1231 E. Ardmore Rd Phoenix, AZ 85042

Large Animal Emergency – Rescue Division

Arizona Equine Rescue AERO

Robinson Ranch is an unincorporated division of the Arizona Equine Rescue Organization (AERO). We are Emergency First Responders for Large Animal Rescues in Maricopa County.

The Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, Inc. (AERO) is a highly specialized health center for rescue horses that requires intensive medical care. Their average rescue usually requires about 9 to 18 months of rehabilitation before the horse is ready to be adopted. They conduct all of their rehabilitations with utmost care, and have built their organization on a strong philosophy of love and nurturing for the horses that come in. AERO is proud to be an authentic advocate for the welfare of horses everywhere, and we make sure that this idea is communicated clearly through how we treat our horses. Their dedication to the rehabilitation of horses is seen in the passion of all of their volunteers who make AERO operate – in a single year AERO can total over 7,000 hours of volunteer work, all dedicated to partnering with horses through a rigorous healing process.

What to do if you are aware of a large animal emergency situation?

  • Call the AZ Department of Agriculture – 602.542.0872, option 3
  • Call Maricopa County Sheriff’s Animal Abuse Hotline – 602.876.1681
  • Call your local police department
  • Call the Robinson Ranch 24 Hour Hotline – 602.268.4972 or 602-538-0416

What’s New at the Ranch

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