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EAFL Utilizing Music

Equine Assisted Facilitated Learning Program (EAFL) Utilizing Music

This program utilizes the effect of music on the human brain to facilitate and encourage learning and movement. This program
also utilizes the effect of music on the horse’s brain to facilitate rhythmic gait. The music can also be utilized as a tool to adjust mood, energy levels, participation levels and relaxation of horses and riders.

Equine Assisted Facilitated Learning Program uses music to alter and regulate each horses gait to provide very rhythmic movements that will help provide the rider with consistent, steady sensory input. As well as provide a rhythmic base to allow a rider to entrain rhythms and/or movements. Interventions can be conducted both on the ground or mounted with respect to the specific area that is being addressed.


Communication through Music

Songs will be used that help promote the production of speech, language, build vocabulary, and mirror conversations.  Visuals used in the program will help facilitate all aspects of communication from building new vocabulary, enhancing old vocabulary, and demonstrating conversations.


Music and songs will be used to develop various cognitive skills, ranging from turn taking, sequencing, academic skills, attention to task, safety awareness, and impulse control. These skills can be developed mounted or un-mounted, with utilization of the horse as both participant, as a means to help develop a specific skill.


The development of both gross and fine motor skills, as well as developing muscle tone. Riders will work both mounted and un-mounted to develop motor skills. The music will be used to help entrain appropriate natural rhythms when working with gross motor deficits. Songs that contain movements or gestures will be used to help promote fine motor skills, as well as being utilized in other interventions that address fine motor skills.


Social skills will be addressed and developed with songs that promote sharing, conversations, turn taking eye contact. The equine and other team members will also help promote the development of these skills by participating in the songs and interventions.

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