Robinson Ranch 1231 E. Ardmore Rd Phoenix, AZ 85042

Robinson Ranch After School Clubs

After School Clubs – 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Beginning October 5th

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  • Monday: Barn Club
    • From the foundations of horsemanship to advanced horse handling, this after school husbandry program meets once a week. (This is not a horse riding program).
  • Tuesday: Character Club
    • This after school class focuses on building upon the pillars o character using equine assisted activities to teach your child the important of having good character.
  • Wednesday: Pony Tales Literacy Club
    • Your child will love to read and write when the characters are right in front of them as the story unfolds! This after school program is designed to get children excited about reading and writing by introducing them to real farm animals.
  • Thursday: Urban Farm Club
    • Students will participate in the planning, planting, caring and harvesting an urban garden. They will also learn how to care for small farm animals and maintaining habitats.