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Robinson Ranch Reviews & Testimonials

Robinson Ranch was recommended to us by school resource personnel for our 11 year old grandson, who has been diagnosed with Highly Functioning Autism/ADD/Sensory Perception Disorder. He is afraid of new experiences, new people and new sensations. He was immediately comfortable with John and Sheila and their volunteers. He has a definite balance problem and John and Sheila handled him with kid gloves. We can tell they have had experience and education. He loves the whole atmosphere at the ranch and we are already excited to see a difference in his self esteem in only 4 weeks. Thank you all and we are looking forward to continued improvement.  – The Dowd Family


My daughter, Ana had the most wonderful experience at the ranch. She is 10 years old, and she started the Saddle club when she was 8 years old.Her love for horses is amazing, and it has turned into passion. She talks about horses to her friends and family all the time. She want to spend all of her time at the ranch (and she never wants to leave :)
People at the ranch are positive influence on my child. John and Sheila, the owners of the ranch,
are people with the biggest hearts and an amazing role models for the children. The sense of community is there, and everyone that comes is welcomed and greeted with open arms.
I would highly recommend this ranch to everyone.  –  Donna Wright


I took my very shy and anxious 10 year old here for his very first lesson. Our experience was better than I could have ever imagined. Any place can give a lesson but not just any people can truly connect with your little one and work them through their fears and tears. My son said it was the most awesome day of his life. I cannot thank them enough and we are looking forward to more lessons. Highly recommend. – Dakos Fam


In my kid’s own words…
Aidan (9 yrs old): RR is fun and I can’t wait until I get into advanced classes!
Alyssa (11 yrs old): I started when I was 6 or 7, and now I have my own horse and I’m in advanced classes. I have learned a lot and love spending time out there. After a couple of years I was done with my classes and am really good at riding horses because of Robinson Ranch. They have taught me everything!
Mom: RR got new back into the saddle after years of missing horses. They taught me and my kids and we are enjoying our time at the ranch, whether we are volunteering or riding our own, it’s a blast. It’s teaching my kids the patience, respect and responsibility that goes with horsemanship, and I hope these are lessons that help shape them into adulthood. – Angela Shanahan


Surprised my daughters with a horseback ride and the experience was so much more than what I expected. We will definitely be coming back. – Tasha Nicole

Herb Petty’s film of his ride in Arizona Desert Lake with Robinson Ranch

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